Storage Projects

Energetic Transformation with Lilan Storage:
Renewable Energy Storage for an
Efficient Transition

Storage Projects

Lilan Storage Division develops and builds stand-alone BESS storage projects and hybrid battery systems with renewable projects; solar and wind. Battery storage allows the management of electricity from renewable sources, which contributes to achieving the energy transition in a shorter time frame and with a better guarantee of supply. Additionally, they provide other services to the grid such as frequency control, which contributes to the stability of the system and the quality of supply. 

Stand-alone batteries

For over a year, we have developed several stand-alone battery projects. These battery storage units have allowed for the effective absorption of electrical energy when there is a surplus of generation at grid nodes or when electricity market indicators show a charging opportunity, releasing energy again when needed or when the market determines.  
The advantages of battery storage are many, including the possibility of having a constant supply of electricity from renewable sources, better use of grid infrastructure, and effective savings in self-supply for plants.

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